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Cherie Magnus

Cherie Magnus returned home to Los Angeles, California in 2014 after teaching tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina for eleven years. Before her South American expat adventure, Cherie worked as a dance research librarian at the Los Angeles Central Library and was a dance critic for local newspapers.

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"Cherie is a delightful bundle of libidinous excess couched in intellectual glory"
—John Nichols, Author of Milagro Beanfield War



Lincoln and Rachmaninoff Walk into a Bar

A California road trip like no other...

Torn from the past, two historic figures return to prevent an unimaginable disaster.

They may already be too late.

2023. Mankind has ravaged the world in an unrelenting drive into the future. The planet suffers under the barrage of climate change, dwindling resources, and the slow advance of technologies. Sensing the tipping point has arrived, agents in Heaven devise a clever plan to restore the balance and save both humanity and the planet.


Available March 1, 2023.



Death Dance Destiny Memoir Trilogy


Dancing on the Edge in Los Angeles

The prequel to the award-winning The Church of Tango: A Memoir.
At seventeen, Cherie was on the edge of a dance career, an education at UCLA, a passionate love, and a life of her own. It was 1960 and the world was also on the threshold of cataclysmic change while she wrestled with twisted dreams, love turned dark, goals spun upside down, and debilitating depression that hospitalized her.​


The Church of Tango
A Memoir

Cherie taught traditional tango in Buenos Aires for many years with her Argentine partner, and their international students all asked her, “How did you end up teaching tango in Argentina?”
This book is her answer.​
This award-winning memoir is not like any of them; it is not a “tango book,” but a story of survival that cuts across death, cancer, Alzheimer’s, loss of home and homeland and cherished heirlooms and possessions, loss of shared histories, of hope for one’s children, of hope for the future, of love. But it’s also about finding love and unexpected joy. And about listening to the music and dancing.

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Intoxicating Tango
My Years in Buenos Aires

A story so sensual, so unconventional, and so shocking… it could only be true.

After a series of life-changing and terrible losses, Cherie moves to steamy Buenos Aires, where the romantic attention of the local steamy Buenos Aires, where the romantic attention of the localmen reignites her youth and sexuality. But women like her, who stay to create a life and dance the best tango in the world, rapidly find themselves bombarded with flattery and compliments by the caballeros and milongueros – Men who see women as little more than sexual objects…making life for a free-spirited American woman more sensuous and difficult.


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